In a viral Reddit post, a woman detailed how her family's "favorite" daughter self-righteously demanded she name her unborn daughter after her.

Sharing her story on Reddit's popular AITA forum, user Nevertheless999 explained her sister "Jenn" was born with health conditions including a cleft lip and a lazy eye. While the sister's medical conditions were correctable with surgery, their parents continued to "baby" Jenn throughout her life, and she was thought to be "the favorite child."

"All my life I have been forgotten, my parents have been forgotten [sic] coming to my school plays or my basketball games, forgot to pick me up from them, didn't get me presents for my birthday but stuff from Jenn," the woman wrote.

"Now I've gotten pregnant, and I'm probably having a little girl, my sister [has] become obsessed with the idea of being an aunt," she wrote, explaining the sister has started buying items for the baby, texting her instructions on how to decorate the nursery and making lists of baby names.

The name at the top of the list? Her own, of course.

"She even brought one with a little onesie that says 'mini Jenn' and told me to name my daughter that," the woman shared.

Jenn even argued that naming the child after her is only fair since "she allowed me to date her crush," who is now the woman's fiancé and the father of the baby.

Now, she's at her wits' end.

The pregnant woman is refusing to name her unborn daughter Jenn and claims if she and her sister weren't related, she would have no contact with her.

Meanwhile, the sisters' parents have sided with Jenn.

"I ended up getting a call from my parents commenting on how selfish I am and that I know my sister will most likely never be able to have children of her own and that I should just give her this and that I'm hurt [sic] her feelings," she concluded.

Commenters on Reddit were quick to defend OP [original poster].

"NTA and I would seriously suggest no contact with your sister and at least minimal contact with your parents," one user weighed in, receiving nearly 12,000 upvotes.

"I wouldn't even let her see the baby. She's too obsessed and will only give you a huge headache," another shared.

"I think time off is appropriate for your family. Silence all communication with them. Don't contact them yourself and put them on an absolute info diet. Your parents are abusive AF, and you need to kick that ass NOW. Next, your sister decides that you should give her your baby – because you can have another one – and they will have her back!" someone else wrote.

Another user pointed out how the parents are in the wrong, writing, "Okay, hard no. How do your parents think this is remotely acceptable? This is not your hamster's name. It is your CHILD'S NAME. The name that will accompany her throughout her life. Even if Jenn isn't Rainbows and Butterflies your entire life, you still wouldn't be obligated to name your child after her."

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