The above video is 36 minutes long but it is worth every minute if you are one of the many in this country that is a gun owner or not and want action against school shootings.

The speech is very passionate and comes from a guy born and raised in Uvalde, Texas, and raised with a respect for guns like most of us in Texas.

Gun owner or not we all agree with one thing: school shootings need to stop and 18-year-olds do not have any business buying an AR-15.

Age limits, background checks, and accountability are what everyone in America is calling for from Congress.

McConaughey tells the stories of all the victims of the shooting, especially putting a tear in my eye when he told of one of the girls killed in the shooting who wore green hightop Converse sneakers, which is one of the only ways they had to identify her because of how badly torn up her little head and body was from the gunshot.

No one needs weapons of war and they should not be made available to the general public. More scenes like this are inevitable without some kind of regulation of weapons of war.

Rifles are fine, pistols are fine, no one is trying to say that those need to be taken away from gun owners, but assault weapons that can shoot 20-30 bullets in the matter of a few seconds are only needed for one thing, to take out as many people as possible which is why they are weapons of war. No one needs to take out 20-30 people at one time but a soldier.

Hopefully, Matthew McConaughey can persuade those in Congress to make this change and save our kids and adults in America.

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