Elon Musk is no stranger to trolling people on Twitter. However, the tables were turned on him by an unlikely subject.

Yesterday (June 6), Crazy Frog inexplicably trolled the Tesla and SpaceX CEO by turning a photo of Musk and Ghislaine Maxwell into a meme. The controversial picture of the two posing together at a formal event has done rounds on social media over the years. Newsweek noted that it circulated Twitter again earlier this year after the billionaire moved to purchase the app.

In the new meme, Maxwell's skin has been painted blue, and her face was replaced by Crazy Frog's.

The dragging appears to have been in response to a meme Musk posted over the weekend that mentioned "looney tunes" and "crazy frog." However, it left many people shocked.

Check it out below:

Crazy Frog appeared to be doing a victory lap this morning. The cartoon amphibian proclaimed that it was "going crazy mode" and warned others to "run" in a tweet.

Of course, by now most are familiar with Elon Musk. We'll explain who the other two people involved in this meme are below.

Who is Crazy Frog?

BBC noted that Crazy Frog has the distinction of being one of the first viral memes to take over the internet. While it started as an inside joke amongst friends, Crazy Frog took off once he was animated by a Swedish designer in 2003.

A music video released by the character in 2009 went on to amass more than 3.3 billion views on YouTube. Like any internet meme, Crazy Frog's dominance was not permanent. His popularity waned over the years. However, the viral creature made a comeback in late 2021.

His new song "Tricky" was paired with another music video, which has been viewed nearly 48 million times. Now he's apparently a musical frog and a professional Twitter troll.

Crazy Frog's "Tricky" music video

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell is a name that you have likely heard in connection with Jeffrey Epstein. In December of 2021, Maxwell was found guilty of sex trafficking young girls for Epstein. Her guilty verdict was upheld in court earlier this year, according to NPR. She is expected to be sentenced for her crimes sometime in the near future.

Various celebrities have been tied to both Epstein and Maxwell over the years. Elon Musk's supposed connection to the latter has been called into question thanks to a photo of them that was taken years ago. However, the Space X billionaire has denied the existence of any relationship with Maxwell.

"Don't know Ghislaine at all," he told a fan in 2020. "She photobombed me once at a Vanity Fair party several years ago. Real question is why VF invited her in the first place."

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