Yoshi is a beautiful Akita mix and a long-time resident of the Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals in Midland. How long exactly? Yoshi has been there for 1116 days!  Like many long-term residents, Yoshi has an interesting back story.  He was found in Midland running around a neighborhood with almost no fur on his body except his head and a little on the tip of his tail.  He would not come to rescuers willingly and successfully had evaded capture for over a week!  Another rescue asked for the Sanctuary's help in getting this boy to safety.  A humane trap was set and Yoshi was finally in a place where he could be helped.  He was to spend the night at the Sanctuary until the other rescue was able to pick him up the following day.  When the other rescue arrived, Yoshi refused to leave!  It was decided that he would remain at the Sanctuary.  The first order of business was to get Yoshi medical attention and learn the reason for all the missing fur!  They were told that he was suffering from a type of Mange called Demodex.



The good news was it was treatable and not contagious.  Yoshi was given oral medication and the staff had to give him a bath twice a week for two months!  During this time Yoshi grew to hate water!  Happily, Yoshi's fur grew back and he was a magnificently handsome boy!   It wasn't long before he was adopted.  Unfortunately, Yoshi didn't like the little toddler he lived with and for her safety, He was returned to the Sanctuary two months later.  Since then Yoshi has remained at the Sanctuary.  Many have looked and shown interest but none have been the right fit.  Yoshi needs an adopter who has no other pets or children and lives in a house with a fenced-in yard.  He is a lazy laid back boy that would be a great cuddle bear to watch tv with.

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Yoshi does love to go on walks and is leash trained.  He also is potty trained and refuses to go to the bathroom in his kennel.  Due to his thick fur, Yoshi would require special grooming and regular brushing.  He does suffer from mild allergies that are controlled with a special diet and daily medication.  It is time for this boy to know the benefits of being in a furever home where he is loved and spoiled.  Please share Yoshi's story to help him find his perfect person or people!  Think you are that person?  Come meet him during visitation hours and you might just leave with your new best friend. Go see him at 4200 Fairgrounds Road in Midland during visiting/adoption hours which are every day EXCEPT Thursdays from 1 pm-4:30 pm.

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