The world is full of wonderment and mystery, and among all that are those strange sightings that can terrify a person. Ghosts, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster are all things that people have reported seeing, but no real evidence of them really existing has ever really been found.

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UFO's, on the other hand, have not only been seen, but have been photographed and recorded them. Plus, governments around the world have confirmed that something unexplained is out there. Stacker put together a list of how many UFO sightings each state reports each year and turns out that Texans see a lot of 'em.

UFO Sightings

The thought of being alone in the universe is one that people for centuries have debated. UFO sightings date back to before Biblical times, but many remain unconvinced that some kind of life is out there. Although, that opinion may be changing over the last couple of years since video evidence has shown that we may not be alone after all.

UFO Sightings in Texas

Texas is a big state with lots of space and lots of sky to look up at. People in Texas have been reporting seeing strange things for many years.

The Marfa Lights

Folks out there have reported seeing strange lights since the early 1880's.

The Lubbock Lights

This happened in the summer of 1951 and was investigated by The U.S. Air Force.

Stephenville UFO Sightings

This sighting in 2008 had about 40 people stunned at what they were seeing.

Alien Graveyard in Aurora, Texas

Did an alien crash and die here? That's what many people believe.

I Want to Believe

Straight up - I have never seen a UFO, or even seen something that makes me think it's a UFO. But I don't walk around staring into the sky either. I Want to Believe! The problem is, I've never seen anything in person that actually makes me believe.

But others see sightings all the time. According to Slackers list, Texas ranks 4th in the U.S. in UFO sightings with 3,848 sightings.

1. California- 10,333
2. Florida- 5,826
3. Washington- 4,351
4. Texas- 3,848
5. New York- 3,830

Those are just the sightings that get reported. People see things all the time that don't get reported.

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