A family on TikTok calls themselves the 'tallest family on TikTok.' It all started last year when Marie Temara posted a TikTok describing her struggles with being a tall girl. How dating is different, going to an amusement park is a struggle, not to mention being bullied in school for being taller than pretty much everyone in class her whole life. 

With just that one video, Marie's video instantly went viral and she now boasts well over 750,000 TikTok followers. Since she posted the video, she has since shared that the rest of her family is tall as well, in fact, despite being the oldest sibling, Marie is the shortest in her family standing at 6'2''.

She has 2 younger brothers, Shane is 26 and is 6 foot 9 and Troy the middle child is 24 years old and 6 foot 10. Holy cow that's tall! Well what about mom and dad you may ask? Are they super tall or did the height in the family come from somewhere else?

Mom is 6 foot 5 in. tall and dad is shorter than mom at 6 foot 3 in. Marie says that shopping for clothes and shoes is definitely a struggle because 'pants are too short' and you can forget walking into a regular shoe store to buy shoes, they simply do not fit!

Temara says that ever since that first video she posted, her entire family is now in on the TikTok action and

“I realized that our normal everyday family life is something really interesting to most people, so we started making more family TikToks, and they all started pretty much going viral.

Check out the self-proclaimed 'tallest family online' who have been nicknamed the giants and see how they compare normal everyday items to the size of their feet and follow as they detail the struggles of doing normal everyday things.

@marietemara4.0 Do you have bigger feet than the Tallest Family on TikTok?#tall #tallfamily #shoesize #WorldPrincessWeek #fyp #trending #big ♬ Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

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