What's in a name? How often do you meet someone new and discover you have the same last name but do not know the same people and are not related? It probably happens at least once a week. Why? Because there are so many common names in this world. I will never forget the day I met Rebecca Cruz. It was a chance meeting between a mutual friend; in this case, our first and last names were exactly the same!

She did not hesitate to inform me that she is the OG Rebecca Cruz and I am just an imposter. lol But truly when you think about it, there are so many people in Midland-Odessa who share the same last name it is unreal.

It piqued my interest and I did some digging. Exactly how many people share a last name in both Midland and Ector Counties? You can see the results for yourself. Below is a list of the most common names in both counties:

Top 10 Most Common Names in Ector County

  1. Rodriguez 1,589
  2. Hernandez 1,411
  3. Garcia 1,402
  4. Martinez 1,071
  5. Smith 1,067
  6. Ramirez 1,008
  7. Sanchez 856
  8. Carrasco 843
  9. Jones 802
  10. Johnson 783

Top 10 Most Common Names in Midland County

  1. Smith 1,309
  2. Rodriguez 1,028
  3. Hernandez 1,005
  4. Johnson 933
  5. Martinez 843
  6. Garcia 835
  7. Brown 823
  8. Sanchez 804
  9. Williams 789
  10. Jones 781

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