Buzz Question - So my Wife asked me if her brother could borrow my TRUCK because he is in the process of moving. I looked at her like WHAT??, Um he has a truck. She said yeah but he doesn't want to SCRACTH THE BED and doesn't use it like that. I'm was like.. 'It's a TRUCK!' who gives???  I told her it's ridiculous that he wants to borrow MINE because he doesn't want to scratch his. I'll throw anything in the back of mine and use it like a truck! . And, now I'm in the dog house because I said NOPE!


What kind of man is he?? It's a freaking truck!! Use it like a truck!
Someone needs to throat punch your wife for even thinking of letting someone borrow ure truck just to get it scratch/hauling things lol

It's a fn truck "use it" or get a trailer, but don't go borrowing someone else's truck because u don't want to ruin yours. What kinda BS is that????‍♀️and to top it off the wife getting mad over it too wth is wrong with ppl now days ‍♀️

Pretty sad she chooses her brother over her husband. That's what trucks are for. I'd put her in dog house for her actions. An I still would say no.

what she mad at you for? That’s wild!
Tell her to let your sister borrow her car and if it comes back scratched or dented have your sister say, “well I didn’t want to chance my car getting ruined!”

Divorce her lol

Mary Gallegos
He can rent a trailer so his truck won’t get scratched

Yep, take his man card away from him. That's what TRUCKS are for to be used!

It does seem a little ridiculous that he doesn't want to use his own truck, but I do see his point about scratch it and all. There are some people who want to keep their vehicle has perfect as passible.

Better listen to your wife or get ready to SLEEP in the back of your pickup!

You should have told her well if you let me borrow your sisters or best friends , then it’s a deal.

Bye Felicia

Put rhino thing in the back bed dumass

My tio has always told me there is three things I won’t let anyone borrow: my vehicle, my money or my wife

Hell no!!!

Tighten all the lids to every jar in the house, assert your dominance!

Why buy a truck if you’re not gonna use the bed ‍♀️

I'm with you...use his own truck

Good for standing up and saying no. Dude can use his.

Ummmm.Im with you it's Ridicules that She would ask you to.let her brother borrow Your truck when he has his. Nope stand your ground, he can use his or like said in.other comments RENT UHAUL or movers. ‍♀️

And what he couldn't rent a uhaul for 20.00 . Sounds to me like he's one of these no quema kids. She's in the wrong too for even bother asking . She needs to reevaluate herself a little

Nobody including my brothers borrow our truck that simple and if they want to borrow it better be an emergency otherwise though t*ttie lmao

Well it’s your truck , there is no where saying you have to lend it out , bro in law or not!

If her brother is so proud of his truck then why wouldn’t he get a bed liner? Loser.

Hell no! You are in the right. Your wife is wrong and her brother is a D-bag for even asking.

Your wife is selfish and looks like them women that only want everything for her family

Daniel L
He just needs to get the first few scratches, and then it's not so bad. He could also buy an old beater truck or even rent a hual truck. Maybe get a bed liner too.

He can rent a truck from uhaul then ‍♀️

What’s the point of buying a truck if you can’t use it for whatever you need. Oh but he can use yours because yours is already scratched up and why not? Right. Sounds ridiculous.

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