On this flashback Friday, who remembers the Kmart layaway? I had a conversation with my kids earlier this week about what layaways were. I told them that kids these days just don't understand how good they have it! These days they are used to asking for whatever they want and momma just has to come through, parents we always make it happen. 

But back in the day, our parents way of 'making it happen' was with a layaway. Or at least that was the case in our household. If you never had to wait months for mom to go to Kmart to get your new school or summer clothes layaway out, did you even have a childhood?

The excitement of going to the store to pick out clothes, shoes, socks, chonies or what have you then finding out that you couldn't take them home right then and show-off your new duds to the neighborhood. Man, talk about bursting that bubble!

I remember my mom would hit up the Kmart in Odessa, that at the time was located off of 42nd in what is now the shopping area where you can find Rue 21, Rack Room Shoes and Bob Mills. That area was a big ol' Kmart.

The Kmart in Midland closed back in 2002 but it was located off of Midland Dr. where I believe an indoor storage facility now sits. Those were the good old days. The anticipation of mom getting a paycheck and going to 'make a payment' was what 80's childhood dreams were made of! It meant I was one day closer to getting the goods. lol

Who remembers and grew up with layaways?


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