Sports, especially football is a way of life, it’s incredible how willing we are to adjust our whole schedule to see our favorite team or favorite player on the field. Growing up in a house with mostly boys we were always playing or watching football, it was lots of great bonding time for me and my brothers. And while most of us dreamed of playing in the NFL only a select few ever get a chance to play in the National Football League. There have been lots of great NFL players that have been successful in the league that have come from Texas, so I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. 

There are lists all over the internet of the greatest football players from Texas and they are all a little different depending on who put the list together and who they got to see playing in the NFL. I know there have been amazing athletes in the NFL from Texas, but they played before I was old enough to see them play. So, it’s possible you think certain players should be higher on the list, and there will be other players that should be on this list, but I had to narrow the list down to 20.  

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You Probably Know Every Name on This List 

Some of these players are in the NFL Hall of Fame, they have all been successful. They have made the list of the best players from Texas because they truly are the best of the best! 

Let’s Look At These Very Talented Athletes 

Here is a look at who I think are the 20 greatest NFL Players that came from the great state of Texas.  

20 of the Best NFL Players from the State of Texas

There could be hundreds of names on this list but here is 20 of the best NFL players from the state of Texas.

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Between the 10 of them, they will bring in a total of more than $992 million in 2022.

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