While the bitter taste of last season is still lingering around for lots of Dallas Cowboys fans the good news is that there is some real positives going into next season. And before the season kicks off all athletes and fans are excited for the possibility of this year being the one where the Cowboys finally win another Super Bowl. Only time will tell if the Cowboys return to dominance, but one fan has decided to bet big on that chance. According to The Landry Hat, one Cowboys fan just bet $3,000 that America’s Team would win the big game with +1600 odds. 

That means if the Dallas Cowboys pull off the unexpected this season the big sports bet would land the fan $48,000. I could be crazy for thinking this but I would guess that if this bet ends up winning, whoever made the bet would probably get a Cowboys tattoo with some of the winnings. Maybe he would take that money and get season tickets. 

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Cowboys Have Some Things to be Excited About 

The Cowboys a quarterback who knows the system and has been able to execute at a high level at times. Exciting defensive players like Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs who could be great for many years to come. Let’s not forget about Tony Pollard running the ball and CeeDee Lamb catching passes.  

So, You’re Saying There’s a Chance 

You have to appreciate the dedication from this diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. What do you think? Is this the year that the Cowboys get back to the Super Bowl, and can they win it? 

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