50 states, and a few territories, make up the United States of America. While each may have their own "speciali" superstitions; who's most hardcore about 'em?

50 states within the USA and 32 teams between them, with fans of each carrying they're own "beliefs". (The players too, watch the video above.)

So, of all involved in this 50/32 split, who is the most delusional? Or devout. Or, whatever ...

Which NFL Fans Are Most Superstitious?

When it comes to football at least, it looks like we Texans are the biggest geeks. Ort, the most devout, whatever ... that "everything is bigger in Texas" thing apparently applies to our belief in cosmic forces.

Dallas Cowboys fans seem to be a really superstitious bunch and ... sorry to say ... you guys need to step it up.

Even after a pretty good run in '22-'23, someone is still clearly not rubbing that rabbit's foot hard enough.

2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
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Stop looking at me that way Cowboys fans ...

I, for reasons somewhat beyond my control, stopped some of my Patriots traditions .. including only watching the New England Patriots play from my own home ... over the last few seasons.

Look how that's worked out. .

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders
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Clearly, our superstitious beliefs are not team specific but it seems we better cling to 'em pretty tight deep in the heart of Texas.

Side note - That song wasn't written by a Texan nor was it even written IN Texas.

I digress though ...

What Are The Most Common NFL Superstitions?

Someone with a lot of time on their hands, (and/or NO life at all), did a Superstitious Survey. Here's a quick look at what they found:

  • The most commonly held superstitions, in general, are that knocking on wood reverses a jinx (56% of respondents), bad luck (or news) comes in threes (48%), and crossing fingers brings good luck (43%).
  • When it comes to sports fans, the most widely held superstition is that the announcer’s curse is real (58% of respondents believe so).
  • Even if they don’t believe in them, 48% of sports fans will follow a superstition just in case it works.
Scotland v Ireland - Guinness Six Nations
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Who Are The Most And Least Superstitious NFL Fans?

  • Texas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are the most superstitious states in the country. Maryland, Colorado, and Washington are the least superstitious.

I don't know that those last 3 are the least superstitious fans. They may have just given up.

Take a peek at each states rate of "belief" in basic superstitions here.

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