This will make your head spin.

Muhammad Sameer is an ordinary 14-year-old boy from Pakistan with an extraordinary ability: he can turn his head 180 degrees so that his head looks behind him.

Yeah, it's all sorts of freaky.

Sameer says he was about six or seven when he saw an actor pull the stunt in a movie and he was so captivated that he taught himself how to do it.

"My mother slapped me when she saw me doing this and told me never to do it again as I might end up hurting my neck but with time she realized that I'm God gifted," Sameer said. "My dream is to work like that actor in Hollywood horror movies."

Sameer dropped out of school and joined a dance troupe to make money for the family after his father became ill.

"Since then he not keeping well and the whole responsibility of the family came on Sameer's shoulders," his mother said, probably not realizing the humor of the comment.

"I am working on my dance skills, gymnastic stunts and acting skills as well in order to find better work opportunities to support my family and fulfill my dream," Sameer said. "I hope to show my talent in big screens someday."

Sounds like he's got quite a head on his shoulders, wouldn't you agree?

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