Innocent martyr? Bloodthirsty viper? If Taylor Swift has a Reputation, as the name of her forthcoming album suggests, what, exactly is it? And how is she aiming to change it?

We'll find out more when the LP drops in full tomorrow (November 10), but for now, PopCrush has got some guesses.

Swift, whose sixth collection of work has already taken clear shots at Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and more, has released four tracks from the album so far — "Look What You Made Me Do," "...Ready For It?," "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want." Perhaps the most insightful look into her new vibe, though, has come from the "LWWMMD" video, which features a collection of Taylors past and present, battling for the spotlight. At one point, the alter-egos go to war in a game of seemingly violent King of The Mountain.

But when the dust clears, who will be left standing at the structure's peak?

Above, we're taking a critical and investigative look into Taylor: then, now and otherwise. Check out the video, tell us what you think and be sure to see if you can spot the real Taylor when Reputation drops Friday.

Look Back at Taylor Swift's Squad:

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