A new neighborhood could be coming to North Midland, but the city is looking for feedback from the North Midland community.

According to NewsWest 9, a city notice sign has been placed in the proposed area which is on the southeast corner of Midland Dr. and Greentree Blvd.

Some people in the area have been notified of the new development.

"Only 28 households were notified of this proposed change in zoning because they only have to notify the ones who border the development, but in my opinion, this affects the whole neighborhood," said Benita Shrader, a resident in Greentree.

Those 28 residents that were informed will get to vote on the new development.

"It said they're going to do a proposed development right behind us at the southeast corner of Greentree Boulevard and Midland Drive," Shrader said. "The very northern-most part, about 5.35 acres, is going to be an office area and they're asking for a zoning change. The area that's further south of the office area is going to be single-family housing."

Shrader said the new development will cause more traffic where traffic is already a nuisance.

"To me, during peak periods, we already have quite a bit of traffic. I just don't think it's a wise thing to do to increase that traffic on that street," said Shrader. "The traffic problem is what I'm mostly concerned about on Greentree Boulevard because that street isn't designed for heavy traffic and I think it'll be a detriment to the people who live on the street."

The hearing will be held during the city council meeting on June 14, 2022.

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