Nothing gets me going more than someone standing on the street corner begging for money.  Before you start on me hear me out. If you can stand on the exact same street corner day after day for at least eight hours a day you can get a job!

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First of all, there are tons of places hiring here! Second of all enjoy that free money that we all paid taxes on. Because that is what they are doing while you are paying taxes on the money you worked for, they are just putting it in their pockets.

There is a man that stands on the same corner every single day, holding a sign that says living on a prayer. No, you are not! You are living on the money that someone else worked for and gave you. I am all about helping people who are willing to help themselves. If you can stand on a street corner for eight hours a day, then you can at least stock shelves, bag groceries, bus tables, or wash dishes. I had back surgery two years ago, and I can tell you right now that there is no way I could stand that long on concrete. If they can do that and survive the weather elements, then they can get a job.

How are you going to stand on the same street corner every single day and think people are going to keep feeling sorry for you. If you can show up on that same street corner at the exact same time every day then you can show up for a job.

Let me say this again before someone takes what I am saying the wrong way, I love helping others, I believe that we were put on this earth to give to others. If we are blessed, then we should bless others. But I am not going to help someone who is not willing to work for it or is not deserving of it. I understand that people fall on hard times and that is a completely different story.

So please if you are going to panhandle rotate corners and stop asking the same people over and over for money. Pretty soon they will start to figure you out.



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