Port Arthur police are looking for a man, who broke into a resident’s home and tested out their lawnmower before attempting to steal it.

KFDM is reporting that last month a man broke into someone’s home, and mowed the resident’s lawn without their consent.  On Friday, April 1st, shortly before 8 PM, Port Arthur police received a call from a resident who reported that an unknown person was on their property and mowing their lawn.  Once officers arrived on the scene, the man started running away while dragging the lawnmower with him.  He eventually ditched the lawnmower in a back alley in order to evade arrest.  Unfortunately, law enforcement was unable to apprehend the suspect.

On Thursday, the Port Arthur Police Department released the surveillance video from the residence on their Facebook page. In the video, the man can be seen walking into the back driveway and rummaging through several items.  Once he finds the lawnmower, he fills it up with gasoline, starts it up, and mows the grass in the backyard.  Law enforcement also released additional footage of the man mowing the resident’s front lawn as well.

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Investigators have identified the man mowing the grass in the video as Marcus Hubbard.  According to the Port Arthur Police Department’s Facebook page, Hubbard currently has an outstanding warrant for ‘burglary of a building’.  While the police didn’t catch the suspect, they were able to recover the lawnmower.  Law enforcement is urging anyone who knows Hubbard’s location to contact the department as soon as possible.

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