Concerned voters are worried about the placement of the proposed new high school in the ECISD bond election this Saturday and whether it will benefit Midland County more.

According to CBS 7, the reason for concern is that part of Odessa is in Midland County and the location of the new high school is near the Ector/Midland county line.

Parks Bell Ranch is not located in Midland County, but Mission Estates and Mission Dorado are.

The reason for the concern is that the residents of Odessa that live in Midland County can go to Ector County schools but there is a tax catch to doing so.

The student's family will still pay taxes to Midland County, but when the county sends the taxes to the State of Texas, they redistribute the funds to each school district in the state based on its student population.

That is what has Ector County voters concerned, but superintendent Dr. Scott Muri says "a student can not come to ECISD unless we have a vacancy,” but any vacancies in ECISD usually are in the elementary and middle schools.

But the actual number of students in Midland County going to ECISD schools is currently only 150 students out of 32,000 which is about 0.5% of the student population so the concern of people voting on the school bond is not as bad as it seems.

So don't believe the rumors that the new high school would be inundated with Midland County students and none of them would be paying taxes to ECISD, it just simply is not the case.


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