If you are like me you are always looking for a way to save money especially when it comes to flying. I am notorious for checking the cost of a flight over and over to see if it will get cheaper, which typically never happens. Maybe today you can find the flight you have been looking for because today is National Cheap Flight Day.

Airlines like to keep flights as full as possible to maximize profits.  So historically, August 23rd is when they tend to start cutting prices to increase demand.

CheapOair is a website that tracks this stuff says prices peaked around June 15th.  And by the end of July, they'd already dropped 20%.

They should get a little cheaper by the end of August, but they won't be too cheap for long. They usually start to go back up around the end of September as we start gearing up for the holidays.

Upgradedpoints is a website that offers deals on cheap airfare. Keep in mind when you book through a third-party vendor you are more likely to be the on bumped on a full flight since you didn't book directly through the airline.

Flying out of the Midland Aiport it seems that flights are always more expensive. I remember one time we were flying to Miami and if we would have flown out of here it would have been around $650 per person but we decided to drive to Austin and fly from there and it was only $240 per person. I know that we are a smaller airport with a lot of traffic in and out but it would be nice to catch a break.

Passengers in the TSA line in an airport


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