Meet Kathleen Martinez, the real-life Elle Woods living her Legally Blonde dream.

Martinez dreamed of building her own brand while simultaneously operating her own law practice. While it's unknown if she also judged "a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi," it's clear that she can handle anything.

From her hot pink suits to her perfectly styled blonde hair, Martinez gives clients the Elle Woods treatment as she advocates in the courtroom as a virtual immigration attorney.

A viral TikTok features Martinez and her female staff sporting bright fuchsia suits as she shares her unique story.

"Trust your gut. As a young attorney, I was constantly put in a box. I felt degraded, undervalued and like there wasn't a place for me in traditional firm culture," Martinez writes in the caption.

"Building my own firm designed for inclusivity, diversity, femininity and virtual practice was exactly what I needed," Martinez explains, encouraging viewers to "be true to yourself."

"I was tired of dressing a certain way so male employers would take me seriously. So I started my own firm, with my own brand. And took their clients with me," she continues.

Sure, 2001's Legally Blonde may be a fictional comedy, but Martinez's career is no laughing matter.

According to her website, Martinez is an "experienced Family and Immigration Attorney, licensed in Texas." She received her Doctorate of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego.

Martinez founded Martinez Immigration to "help immigrants gain legal status at an affordable cost. Her mission is to help unite families easily and effectively."

She assists immigrants with everything from "waivers for unlawful presence" to filing for U.S. citizenship, green cards and passports.

Her TikTok account currently boasts over 309,000 followers.


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