In a series of viral TikTok videos, podcast host Nicole Pellegrino reveals the most common wedding regrets she hears from other brides — as well as her own biggest regret — in the hope that future brides can avoid similar mistakes.

One of the most common wedding regrets? "Not attending cocktail hour, duh," Pellegrino says.

"If you want to sneak away for a quick sunset photo with your significant other, then, like, do so, but make it five minutes tops because the experience of your cocktail hour is going to be more important than photos," she explains.

Another regret she hears often is not hiring a videographer.

"It doesn't need to be a bougie, expensive videographer! Find a savvy college kid who knows how to vlog and edit a YouTube video," Pellegrino shares. "Grab them for cheap, and they will probably do a better job than the experienced ones out there. Plus, they'll probably grab your phone and grab great phone footage too."

Pellegrino's own biggest regret is not having had a photographer present for her rehearsal dinner, especially after she "went all in for my outfit, my look, my glam — and I don't have photos!"

Her "personal favorite," however, is "not having a more planned afterparty."

"Don't just think you can just show up at your local bar with your whole wedding. It just doesn't work," she shares.

A follow-up video reveals even more bridal regrets, including not getting a photo of the married couple just smiling at the camera.

Another mistake people make is not getting photos with the guests they definitely want pictures with.

"This is a no-brainer. Your photographer isn't going to magically know to get a photo of just you and your grandpa and your grandma ... You have to give them literally a sheet of paper with the photo groupings of who you want photos with," Pellegrino explains.

Many brides also often wish they got a second dress, just to have another look to party in for the rest of the night.

"Definitely get one," she says, adding "it doesn't have to be expensive."

Finally, Pellegrino advises brides not to rest until they are thrilled with their day-of glam look: "If I hear one more of y'all tell me you didn't like your hair on your wedding day, this is why we do multiple trials, as many as you need!"

Nicole Pellegrino hosts Betches Brides, a podcast that explores "all facets of the complex interpersonal struggles rooted in the wedding planning process."

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