There is a place for people who enjoy rhinos and wine to go to right here in Texas. If you prefer to avoid the expensive costs to see a rhino up close and personal there is a way my friend.

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Sure there are some families or couples who can afford a trip to Africa and see the wild. But then you also have people with low income who can't afford all the stuff that comes with leaving the country.

It all adds up if you think about airfare, hotel stay, spending money, and the tours you plan to enjoy. But luckily for you, there is a way you can avoid all those insane charges and keep it local.

Now by local I mean you can be able to hang out with a rhino while you're sipping some wine in Texas. A new winery opened that is located in Fredricksburg, Texas not that long ago.

So instead of traveling to Africa, you can enjoy a view of Blake the rhino at a winery in Texas. The Rhinory is where you can sip on some wine while you also enjoy the company of a rhino named Blake.

If you would like an idea of what it is like at The Rhinory just watch the Instagram video from Texas Explorer above. So skip the hassle of a long flight and keep your trip within Texas state limits.

This is the kind of adventure you need in your life if you love wine and rhinos. So if you're up for sipping some wine while admiring Blake the rhino check out The Rhionry in Fredricksburg, Texas.

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