Today is the anniversary of milestones in Midland's and America's history, the day Baby Jessica McClure was rescued from an abandoned water well.

We're all familiar with the history of the event that enthralled a nation and launched a cable news giant. Before the rescue, CNN was a fledgling network that gave the same impression as an awkward teenager; a new kid on the block that no one was sure would be around in a few months.

CNN, then a fledgling cable news outlet, was on the scene with around-the-clock coverage of the rescue effort. This massive media saturation of the ordeal prompted then-President Ronald Reagan to state that "everybody in America became godmothers and godfathers of Jessica while this was going on." - Wikipedia

Texas Monthly ran a story on the 25th Anniversary of the rescue in 2012.

On today's KODM Screen Test, I asked, 'What made-for-TV movie chronicled the rescue?' The answer was, 'Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure'

Watch 'Everybody's Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure':

Inside the Midland Center is 'A Triumph of the Human Spirit', a painting of the Jessica McClure rescue by Jan Johnson Sheets. The plaque next to it reads:

A Triumph of the Human Spirit This painting is a tribute to an event that lifted the entire world to a higher plane of human consciousness and helped us to better understand the human spirit with its boundless capacity for compassion and love. Thanks to the men and women who came together in Midland, Texas, the world shared in a God-graced victory that came from faith and self-sacrifice.

-Jan Johnson Sheets, Artist

Photo by Spencer
Photo by Spencer

Tell us what about the event, holds an indelible place in your memory?

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