American Idol Season 7 runner up David Archuleta was first in the hearts of his fans Thursday night at he performed at the Wagner Noel!

David is restarting his career in music after a two year hiatus when he was away on a mission trip in Chile. Fans were not disappointed as David was an excellent voice throughout the show.

The theater was electric as women of all ages responded with enthusiastic applause and screams is David belted out his hits, familiar ballads and some of the new songs he's  written after returning from his mission trip.

In between songs, David shared his heart concerning the music business, fame and the price it exacts. The performance didn't feel like it was taking place in the huge Wagner Noel Center, but instead it felt as if it was in more of an intimate setting, with David pouring out his heart to his fans on his concerns about where his career was taking him, the stress of trying to be a 'people pleaser' and the decision to put everything on hold for two years while he was gone on  the mission trip.

David's voice was amazing as he serenaded his fans with his own hits and others from 'The Tarzan Soundtrack', U2, R.E.M. and several new originals that will be released in early 2016. The first of these will be a song called, 'NUMB'. Archuleta says it was a culmination of all the stress and worry about his career, family and fan pressures and ultimately choosing to follow his own heart.

Look for 'Numb' to be released in January 2016.

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