One of only two independent universities in Texas is looking at joining a university system.

According to the Texas Tribune, Stephen F. Austin State University's Board of Regents is looking to join a more extensive university system and weigh the pros and cons of such a move.

The university, located in Nacogdoches, will spend the fall semester deciding on the benefits of joining a university system.

“The timing of the upcoming legislative session (any affiliation with a system would require enabling legislation) necessitates a brisk and deliberate pace,” interim President Steve Westbrook wrote faculty and staff this past Friday letting them know that the board would be weighing its options over the next couple of months.

Texas Southern University is the only other school in Texas that is not a part of a university system but if SFA decides to join one, they have a few that are interested in them.

The ones that are interested in SFA are Texas A&M University System, University of Texas System, Texas Tech University System, and Texas State University System.

“SFA indicated to these systems that our Board of Regents was interested in formalizing conversations with the four who have been listed,” said spokesperson Graham Garner.

The university has been dealing with decreases in enrollment for several years dating back to 2019, plus COVID-19 in 2020 did not help out the situation either.

The faculty senate was asked in January what they thought about joining a university system, and 75% felt the university would benefit by joining a system.



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