It's always fun to stop by a roadside attraction while traveling. Every state seems to have something a little odd that draws in the tourists. Buzzfeed listed the weirdest tourist attractions in each state and personally, I think there are weirder places in Texas than what they picked.

Weird Tourist Attractions

You could visit a museum, waterpark, or amusement park in just about every state in the U.S., but if you really want to see something remarkable and odd, search out the strange sites each state has to offer. In fact, most cities and even some small towns will have something a bit strange to show off if you know who to ask or where to look.

For instance, Austin, Minnesota is home to the SPAM Museum, Willow, Alaska is where you'll find The Dr. Seuss House, Riverside, Iowa is home to the Future Birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk and did you know that the center of the universe was in Oklahoma? Tulsa to be exact and you can visit it.

Every state has something weird.

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Weird Tourist Attraction in Texas

The list Buzzfeed published certainly has some strange attractions you can visit in each state, but the attraction they picked for Texas just seemed a bit blah.

Yes, their prime pic was a pecan vending machine in Cedar Creek, Texas which is just outside Bastrop, Texas.

Really? This is what they chose as the weirdest tourist attraction in Texas? I mean, sure, a 24/7 pecan vending machine with whole pies is definitely weird, but do folks from all over Texas stop in for a photo op to share on their Facebook or Instagram page? Probably not.

20th Century Fox/Frinkiac
20th Century Fox/Frinkiac

You know what is weird that folks come from all over Texas to see? The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo or the “World's Largest Bowie Knife” in Bowie, Texas. Texas even has its own Stonehenge and Easter Island Heads in Ingram, Texas. How weird is that?

Don’t get me wrong here -  a pecan vending machine sounds tasty, but if I’m judging this based a a “weird” meter, I’d think just about any of the other weird attractions would be a bit weirder, if you will.

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