Move over Joe, exotic, there are 10 exotic animals. You can find them right here in Texas legally, we all know the saying that everything is always bigger in Texas, which means there are a number of exotic animals all over the great state of Texas.

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10 Exotic Pets That Are Legal in Texas


Texas is about as diverse a place as you can find on this planet. You have an oceanic coast, dense forests, vast plains, hill country, desert,'s just everything all rolled into one. It's the kind of place you'd expect to find all sorts of exotic animals, but some people like to import new ones and keep them as pets. While many towns have laws restricting what sort of animals you can legally keep, there are areas of our state in which it's perfectly fine to own some crazy creatures. The question then becomes, would you want to?


Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy was arrested at one point in time in his life for reportedly keeping a baby Bengal tiger in his Oakcliffe home. Everybody doesn’t want a cat or a dog. Some peoplewanna go very exotic. If you’re anything like that, according to Pethelpful are 10 exotic pets that are legal in Texas. Good luck finding a vet qualified to help you care for them, or the proper food.

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