(Austin, Texas) - The freeze in Texas still has lasting effects. As the state continues to recover, many Texas residents are attempting to get back to their normal lives while certain things are repaired. But others are looking for an attempt to cause potential problems via jokes that could potentially harm rather than help.

One of these situations recently happened in Central Texas at one place many Texans frequent.

H-E-B Food Spoiled By Texas Cold Snap

On Thursday February 2nd, a H-E-B in Austin, Texas had to unfortunately throw away food due to circumstances out of their control. The Texas freeze left the grocery store without power, and certain foods perished due to the weather. Because of this, and as H-E-B stated to news organization CBS Austin, the food was disposed of.

The food was also unable to be given to any food banks due to it not being suitable for consumption. While H-E-B in no way offered the food to anyone, an unidentified individual went onto social media with the caption "Free Food!", which was reported by multiple outlets.

Mob Showed Up Expecting Free Food From H-E-B

What followed after that post was an influx of people heading to the H-E-B attempting to take the spoiled food home after the false post appeared.

George Morales, The Travis County Constable Pct.4, posted on social media regarding the situation:

No Injuries, But Lesson Learned

Thankfully, it appears no one was injured, but there is an important lesson to learn here: Always double check something when you see it on social media, and don't post things that could potentially cause issues during tough times!

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