It's not everyday that body parts are found along Texas highways, but that's exactly what happened along I-10 in Texas back in March.

It took a little time and work, but the mystery of the severed leg found on I-10 in Texas has been solved.

Severed Leg Found Along I-10

Let's go back to the start - March 10, 2022. That's when a commercial truck driver, 46-year-old Jeremy McGee Kerrville, Texas, was struck and killed by an SUV while he was standing next to his truck on Interstate 10.

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The accident occurred at night, and according to a news release from the Boerne Police Department, “The truck’s headlights were on, a right-side blinker was flashing, but the emergency flashers were not activated", which may have contributed to the driver of the SUV not seeing McGee before he hit him.

Several hours later, and 50 miles away in Cibolo, Texas, a person called in the gruesome discovery of the severed leg.

Mystery Solved

It took a few weeks to get to the solution, but the Seguin Gazette spoke with Boerne communications director Chris Shadrock who said officials were eventually able to piece together the events.

“The leg that was found on Interstate 10 West [in Cibolo] is related to the fatality accident that occurred on Interstate 10 in Boerne," he said. "Investigators currently believe that when the victim in that accident was initially hit by a black SUV, a part of his body was actually picked up by another 18-wheeler directly behind that [SUV] driver.”

Mystery solved!

The case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed against the driver of the SUV.


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