Justin Bieber shared a super short Instagram snippet of a new song, which appears to be called 'Life Is Worth Living.' He also shared a sweet fan photo. Perhaps The Biebs is shutting out all the recent negativity in his life related to his legal issues in order to focus on the good!

The Biebs shared the song, posting: "Life is worth living again." It's a reference to the title and lyrics, where he emotionally sings, "Life is worth living / So live another day," over a piano melody. There's also a smidge of Auto-tune, too. It's obviously raw, but we liked the audio sample that the singer, 20, so graciously shared with us! It left us wanting to hear more. Take a listen below.

The singer also shared a photo of himself surrounded by a bunch of young male fans, writing, "Everyone has someone they look up to." Clearly, the fans are totally looking up to Da Biebs, and not just because he is taller than they are. He looks to be playing some sort of game. He is pointing out that he recognizes that he is a role model –- whether he likes it or not -- and that kids look up to him.

Remember, despite all of The Biebs' drama, he does love his fans and he is always spending time with sick and underprivileged Beliebers. That does count for something.