You can't go anywhere these days without seeing Taylor Swift, that includes the Super Bowl.  We all watched her dance, drink, sing and cheer on her Football boyfriend Travis Kelce with the Kansas City Chiefs to victory, even if he misbehaved during the game pushing his coach but this isn't about him it's about her ... Taylor Swift.

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We know that her tour continues through the end of this year, where she is singing to sold out crowds but somehow, she managed to do something amazing .... a new album!!!! What??? how can that be.  The girl is jet setting all over the world between her tour and her BF. How did she find time to write a new album and the even bigger question is what it will be about. I don't know either, but she made the announcement during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards while accepting her award for Best PoP Vocal Album for "Midnights".


Not much is known about the album except the title, The Tortured Poet's Department and the release date, April 19th. She did however release the Album cover via her Social Media sites of her laying on a bed.  This will be Taylor's 11th album and the anticipation from her fans is huge!

image courtesy Universal Music Group
image courtesy Universal Music Group

Folks are wondering if she will pull off more Grammy wins in 2025 with the new album. It could mean she could extend her record with a fifth trophy in the Top Category.  Time will only tell, because this girl appears to be unstoppable!  I don't know about you, but I will be the first in line to purchase it!

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