Someone get Shawn Mendes a massage session and one or two potent sedatives: after admitting on "In My Blood" that he's relentlessly anxious, the Canadian pop star has doubled down on his discomfort with new single "Nervous."

Released Wednesday (May 23), the latest track off of Mendes' forthcoming third LP kicks off with cool, tempered guitar licks and staccato verses before the cord's cut on the chorus, and Mendes thrusts his misgivings into the spotlight with high-flying falsetto.

"We walked in the rain / A couple blocks to your apartment / You told me to come inside / Caught me staring in your eyes / And I'm not usually like this / But I like what you're doing to me / Ah, what you're doing to me," Mendes laments in the second verse, before breezy stanzas give way to a quietly manic chorus (speaking of which, anyone else getting flashbacks to Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar"?)

"Nervous" follows previous singles "In My Blood," "Lost In Japan," "Youth" and "Where Were You In the Morning?"

Shawn Mendes The Album will drop May 25 — see the official track list below:

"In My Blood"
"Lost In Japan'
"Where Were You In The Morning'
"Like To Be You (feat. Julia Michaels)'
"Fallin' All in You'
"Particular Taste'
"Because I Had You'
"Youth (feat. Khalid)'
"Perfectly Wrong'
"When You Are Ready"

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