Musicians have been known to record songs in a variety of unconventional places. And for Ian Watt, it was in his car.

Known onstage as Could Ever, the Los Angeles musician wrote his new track, "I Got It Wrong," in his car while his child was sleeping. With a strong piano intro, the track grows into a big burst of ambient sounds that wrap themselves around you. So as you dance to the alt-pop song, you'll feel all the lyrics that he's singing.

Could Ever's attention to sonic detail also translates to the cover of his single, which was conceptualized and shot by taste-making photographer Connor Franta, whose label, Heard Well, Could Ever is signed to.

I got it wrong Could Ever
Connor Franta / Heard Well

Franta and Could Ever met years ago when the musician opened for LANY in 2015. And while it took a few years for the them to work together again, Franta admits that it was "fate."

"Ian played a show years ago with my friend Paul from the band LANY, so that’s where I first heard of his music," he told PopCrush. "We were reintroduced more recently by an employee at my record label Heard Well and decided to sign him soon after. It felt like fate. After hearing about how he writes, records, and organizes all of his music himself in his one-of-kind car studio late at night while his two kids sleep, I couldn’t not fall for his music."

Listen to "I Got It Wrong" below.

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