I am telling you right now, that I am far too trusting and I need to stop. Especially after what happened to me recently. So just like the title of this article states, if you own an iPhone, don't be a Rebecca,  never do what I did!

I was out and about live on location, wearing my B93 live on the streets hat on this particular day. Minding my own business, mingling, doing what a DJ does when we are working. At one point, I set my phone down and walked away to visit with friends.

In the words of everyone's favorite Pretty Woman,

big mistake. Big. Huge!

About 10 minutes later, I come back to the table where I had set it down and it was gone. That was odd but I still didn't think anything of it until I started asking around and no one had mistakenly picked it up, thinking it was theirs. I checked trash cans, pockets, everywhere I could think of, and nothing. It literally took me a full 30 minutes to realize it had been STOLEN.

Are you freaking kidding me? That had never happened to me before! Dumb me set it down and walked away. Never do this! Major lesson learned that day, I guess it never dawned on me what would possess someone to steal a phone? What good is it to you? I was schooled quickly by friends and coworkers, trust.

So a couple of things I learned as a result. Tips that I will gladly pass on:

1)sign up for Find my iPhone! If you are not an iPhone person, no worries, there are find my phone apps. Trust me when I say this came in handy during my ordeal.

2)Keep your phone in a hard-to-remove cover. Fortunately, I had that as well.

By the way, my story does have a happy ending. Long story short, miraculously, I got my phone back. It's funny how when you inform the thief that you are tracking your phone, they turn it in claiming they 'did not realize they accidentally grabbed the wrong phone.' It took you 2 hours to realize that? Yeah ok. All is well that ends well.

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