I have had several friends, including the illustrious Justin Tate tell me that I needed to start using the Periscope app. This morning I tried it, and...

...it was different.

Periscope is an app that you can use on your tablet or smartphone to broadcast LIVE VIDEO to anyone all over the world. In other words, anyone, anywhere can tune in with the app to see what you are talking about or doing at that moment, live.

I downloaded the app and then set up an account. It gives you the option to connect to Twitter and Facebook, though you can't stream video live to either.

I'm also checking out the new Facebook's live streaming app. That app allows 'celebrities' to stream video live directly to Facebook and notifies your 'friends' that you are currently streaming live.

Today through the 9am hour, I'll be on Periscope; just do a search for spencer.bennett.