One of the most unique reptiles native to our area is the horned frog.

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The horned frog or as most of us know them as, the horny toad, (please repress the 12-year-old you that wants to giggle), are native to Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas,  New Mexico, and parts of northern Mexico.

Is a Horned Frog a sign of luck?

The other day someone sent a picture of a horned frog, and it was a big fella.  He (or she) was just chilling in the dirt enjoying the day.  I responded with, "Dang that's a big Horny Toad."   The person that sent it said, "They bring good luck."

That was the first I had ever heard that a horned frog brought good luck.    According to the Texas Nature Trackers publication,

The Navajo people respectfully call the horny toad “Che” or grandfather. In early times the men would carry them to battle as good luck charms.


Apparently, the TCU horned frog statue on campus brings luck, as rumor would have it if you rub the nose of the horned frog statue before a test, it will bring you good luck.

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I know this is a statue, but it's still a horned frog, and it brings luck.

The Texas Horned Frog is a threatened species.  Back in the day, you could find these little critters everywhere.

I know my brother used to torture me with them and hide them in my bed.

Now they are a little harder to find.  I guess when you run across one you can consider it lucky, and yourself lucky to see it scurry across the ground.

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