Technology keeps advancing but I never figured you could get a speeding ticket through text, but one Texas city is trying it out.

It was only a matter of time till technology got so advanced that you could get a speeding ticket by text.

"It's not a 100% solution, but it's a step forward in the right direction," said Val Garcia, President & CEO of the Trusted Driver Program.

Garcia is one of five former police officers that are part of a 12-member team that created Trusted Driver.

"We're proud to still give back with what we've gained with our experience as a law enforcement officer," said Garcia.

All members have a background in some way with different divisions of law enforcement.

"The patrol level, we have an individual who spent time in investigations, we have an individual who spent time on the tactics and those kinds of units that involve how officers handle certain situations," Garcia explained. "Most importantly, we have an individual who spent his career as a SAFFE officer on the east side of town."

This is not an app but a web-based program that allows drivers to get a ticket through text message instead of actually seeing a police officer in person.

"If we minimize those interactions just for minor traffic violations, they have more time to dedicate to serious crime like DWIs that are on the road, reckless drivers, racing," said Garcia.

So what city is trying this out? That would be San Antonio.

The program also lets you contest the ticket through the court virtually as well, which makes it easier if you do not have time to wait in court.

The program launched this past Saturday in Windcrest, a city in the metropolitan area of San Antonio.




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