Ah stress. We all experience it in our lives, at various different levels. Dealing with stress is different for everybody in the world and here in Texas.

Some of us simply take a deep breath, and plan out how to deal with it. Others silently push on, making their way through it. Others distract themselves for a bit with various hobbies they enjoy,

Regardless of how a person deals with the anxiety, how much stress does each state truly feel? Well, data has been put together, and Texas, we all might need to take a deep breath together.

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Does The S In Texas Stand For "Stressed?"

We look to our friends from WalletHub, who have the details that will probably cause some Texans to look in the mirror. So what are the factors that make up the placing of all states? There's four, and they are pretty simple:

- Work-Related Stress
- Money-Related Stress
- Family-Related Stress
- Health- & Safety-Related Stress

So four factors combined to make up the overall ranking for Texas. It's now time for the moment of truth: How stressed are we Texas?

With a ranking of 5th in work stress, 23rd in money stress, 5th in family stress, and 11th in health and safety stress, Texas landed in the top ten of most stressed out states in the nation at ninth.

To be fair though, with how many individuals live in this state, the fact Texas was high on the list isn't surprising. But, we think all of us Texans should take a deep breath or two!

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