It might surprise you who shares a birthday on this Tuesday, October 21st.

Aaron Tveit is 31.  Mike Warren on "Graceland".

Kim Kardashian And Her Bountiful Backside is 34.

Jonathan Leibson, Getty Images

Will Estes is 36.  Tom Selleck's son Jamie Reagan on "Blue Bloods".

Sasha Roiz is 41.  Captain Renard on "Grimm".

Ken Watanabe is 55.  "Inception""Memoirs of a Geisha" and "The Last Samurai".

Steve Lukather is 57.  Toto guitarist.

Carrie Fisher is 58.  Forever known now as Princess Leia.  Classic "Star Wars" moment:  As Luke Skywalker returns from destroying the Death Star, Leia welcomes him by shouting, "Luke!"  And Luke, in turn, says, "Carrie!"  True.  Check it out.

Charlotte Caffey is 61.  Saucy Go-Go's guitarist.

Mark Mainz, Getty Images

Patti Davis is 62.  Ronnie and Nancy Reagan's VERY naughty daughter.  She posed NUDE for "Playboy" in 1994.

Judge Judy Sheindlin is 72"Judge Judy".

Manfred Mann is 74.  "Do Wah Diddy" AND "Blinded by the Light".

Edward "Whitey" Ford is 86.  Baseball Hall of Famer. I have an autographed baseball of his around here somewhere...

Larry Busacca , Getty Images

Joyce Randolph is 90.  Trixie, Ed Norton's wife on "The Honeymooners".

Tamara De Treaux  (1959 - 1990)  31-inch tall actress who played "E.T.".

Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Alfred Bernhard Nobel  (1833 - 1896)  Established a fund for the Nobel Prizes. He made his fortune by creating one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind out of nitroglycerin, diatomaceous earth and clay or sometimes wood pulp; otherwise known as dynamite.