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If you are a big fan of reality television, specifically dating shows, then you are probably familiar with Netflix’s show ‘Love Is Blind’. The third season was recently release and the drama is just as hot as usual. 

If you are a few episodes into season three already, then you probably pieced this together, but if you haven’t started watching it yet or are looking for a reason to watch it, let this be it. Season three actually takes place here in Texas. Specifically, Dallas, Texas. 

Each season of the show has taken place in different cities across the United States. This gives a variety of people a chance at finding love through this crazy experiment. The first season was in Atlanta, Georgia, the second in Chicago, Illinois, and now we are watching Texans have their chance. 

If you aren’t familiar, the premise of ‘Love Is Blind’ is exactly what it sounds like. A group of men and women are given a chance to speed date each other without ever seeing one another. It isn’t until you find love and propose that you are able to meet your partner for the very first time. Then, after a quick honeymoon-like vacation, you have 30 days to live with your partner, meet friends, family, and see how you each live, before deciding if you want to actually marry one another.  

It is a crazy process that doesn’t always work out, but has proven to be successful for some couples. If you haven’t seen the show, I suggest watching all three seasons, but you can just watch season three if you are only interested in seeing the people that live in Texas. 

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