Cruise giant Carnival has reportedly fired a stand up comedian after a video of the man apparently using racist slurs during his set on one of their ships went viral.

Pamela Frilot first shared a video of the comedian on TikTok Tuesday (Sept. 20). The audio from the video has since been removed as it violated the social media platform's guidelines.

"Get me off this ship!!" Frilot captioned the video of the comedian performing.

"So on Carnival Cruise right now and they are perfectly fine hiring someone who uses the N word multiple times in his show," she wrote, alleging that when people complained he became irate, telling them "if you're offended get [the f--k] out."

Watch the TikTok (sans audio) below:

In a second video posted to TikTok, Frilot explained she didn't film the comedian actively using the N-word because filming was not permitted during the show.

It wasn't until after he allegedly used the slur multiple times that she began to record him.

She also allegedly identified the comedian as Rob O'Reilly, a stand up performer who has appeared on The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing and on Comedy Central, according to his website.

In her comments, users praised the cruise passenger for coming forward.

"Wow I am so glad you shared. For sure not okay. I hope you had a great rest of the trip!" one person wrote.

"Considering how expensive cruises are, don't let this ruin your vacation! he is fired now so just enjoy the rest of it," another commented.

After Frilot's video went viral, Carnival Cruise Line released a statement revealing the comedian featured in the TikTok video will no longer be performing on their cruise line.

"We do not tolerate this language or behavior. The person in question will no longer be welcome on Carnival ships and the rest of his scheduled appearances have been canceled," Carnival tweeted Sept. 20.

It's unconfirmed which particular cruise ship the alleged racist comedy set took place on.

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