Fall is here so that means winter is just a few months away which I am not excited about in any way, so here are the 10 reasons I think winter is the worst of the 4 seasons.

  1. Below Freezing Temperatures - This is the worst part, I am a beach lover myself and I am cold-natured so anything under 45 degrees is too cold for me. Call me a wimp or whatever but put me on a beach and I am VERY happy.
  2. Snow - No one around here can drive in it and I am not an expert either but there is nothing about it that is good. It is cold, wet, cold, and white...oh did I mention COLD!!
  3. Ice - Even worse to drive on than snow, and once again no one around here that is a native can drive on it, that is why they close the loops and the interstate when it does appear on the roads. Be glad they do if you are from the northern states that are used to that crap because you do not want to be dodging Texans spinning out and sliding off the road.
  4. Everything is Dead Looking - OK not a good example because around here everything is dead 365 days a year, but knowing it is dead because of the cold just makes it seem even deader than summer dead.
  5. Trees Have No Leaves on Them - This goes along with the above complaint with the only exception being that trees will have leaves on them in the dead of summer.
  6. The Days Are Shorter - I am a lover of daytime and love to be out in the sun and in the winter it seems like daytime is like 4 hours.
  7. The Nights Are Longer - This goes along with the above but I do get more sleep in the wintertime to prepare me for the 12-14 hours of daylight in summer so it is not all bad but it still is the worst of winter.
  8. You Don't Know What To Wear - This is when you have to channel your inner Jim Cantore and know what the weather is going to be like for the day so you know how to layer. We are one of the only places in the country where you can wear short sleeve shirts all year because of the mild days following cold mornings.
  9. No One Sells Snow Chains - We have fewer days where we need snow chains so your local auto parts store will not carry snow chains. But they are needed because otherwise great drivers will be ditch drivers when the snow and ice appear.
  10. The Cold - Yes, I know I have already covered this but it can't be covered enough when you hate the cold. A good example, if you stub your toe in the summer it's not as painful as when you stub your toe in the winter. That is a pain you not soon forget.

OK there is my rant on why winter is the worst of the 4 seasons. If you love winter well good for you, go to Alaska where they have 9 months of snow on the ground and only a month of summer. I will enjoy the one month of Texas winter here and 9 months of summer.

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