Lost: Ansel Elgort's shirt. If found, please return to the set of the video for his latest single, "Thief."

Elgort, who signed to Island Records in 2015, released the official "Thief" treatment this morning (February 3) and instantly cemented himself as 2017's resident sexy, wet, pushup-performing shadowboxer. The video, which features Elgort's longtime girlfriend Violetta Komyshan, finds the actor-singer getting sexy in the tub, getting scary on a red light-backed dance floor and getting a little bit Matrix-y while sorting through a series of leather ensembles.

"Skin on my skin / What a wonderful sin / Take your breath, but you’re asking for more / The tip of my finger is tracing your figure / I say goodnight and walk out the door," Elgort says over buzzy, staccato dance production that might have found another home on a 3OH!3 album.

Elgort, whose July 2016 debut track "Home Alone" really ran the genre-gamut, has said he's not looking to exclusively tackle one mood or style with his music, and aims to genuinely follow his passion.

"I really respect the dance music industry. I didn’t want to come in and abuse the fact I was an actor and use my name to book gigs,” he told People. “I’m not getting into music because I need to — I have a bunch of movies coming out. I just do this because I love it."

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