For those of you somehow unconvinced (or simply unaware) of Kylie Jenner's massive pop cultural impact, consider the following: Her likeness will soon be preserved forever in wax, to be displayed at the iconic Madame Tussauds wax museum. And, as is Kylie's way, she shared part of the process on Snapchat with her devoted followers.

“You guys, we’re here doing the first measurements. I’m getting my very own wax figure. It takes like six months,” the reality star -- who attended the appointment with her friend and occasional photographer, Jordyn Woods -- said in one Snap.

Kylie's revelation didn't come without its share of controversy, though, as fans accused the 19-year-old of purposely requesting a darker skin color for the figure after the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posted an image of paint colors used by designers to match her skin tone.

"I'm not trying to make my wax figure darker than I am, you f---king idiots,” Kylie explained. “They were mixing all those colors on a palette, not me. Stop reaching. I don't even have a say in this, so let's leave it to the professionals, people."

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