If you’ve attended any of the marches that took place within the past two weeks to protest Donald Trump’s presidency, you’ve likely noticed an overwhelming amount of Hamilton lyrics written across makeshift signs. Quotes like, “History has its eyes on you” and “Immigrants: We get the job done” are particularly rife with relevancy right now as the world looks on at our current democracy with the kind of astonishing marvel one beholds a car crash. It has become impossible to look away.

Lin-Manuel Miranda -- the man behind the musical — recently opened up to The Huffington Post about how his historical, revolutionary work has become an unwitting representation of the resistance, and he's apparently all for it.

"I keep seeing ‘Immigrants, We Get The Job Done’ on placards at every march, at every protest. I can’t tell you what that does to me as a writer to see a line [I wrote]. And what it means for the conversation, in this moment in history," he said.

“There was an incredible protest sign that read ‘History Has Its Eyes On You’ and it had Carrie Fisher as Leia’s eyes over it, and I was so moved by the moment,” he continued. “When you’re making something, you don’t control what happens [in response]. You can only control the thing you make. So to see it ripple back in that way, it’s very moving and very humbling.”

Manuel also spoke out against Trump’s controversial immigration ban — which targets refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries and bars them from entering the U.S. — referring to it as “deeply un-American,” noting it’s “against the fundamental freedom of religion in our constitution.”

Trump has yet to ask Miranda for an apology -- this time.

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