The sands and the hourglass are leaving NBC and NewsWest 9 and moving on to bigger and better things.

According to NewsWest 9, the soap opera is one of the longest-running scripted shows on television and debuted on NBC in 1965, bringing the show's long era to an end on broadcast TV.

NewsWest 9 has only been broadcasting the show since 1982, when channels 9 and 2 flipped networks, before that the show aired from 1965-1982 on Big 2.

Beginning September 12, 2022, "Days of Our Lives" will move over to NBC's streaming platform, Peacock which is not as bold a move as some may think.

The show's younger fanbase has been primarily watching the show online, so the transfer will not be difficult except for maybe the older audience who are not so streaming savvy.

Peacock will have the entire library of "Days of Our Lives" along with a new spinoff series that has already been airing on Peacock "Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem."

That means you can go back and see old shows from the 60s to yesterday at any time, you will have to subscribe to Peacock which will only put you out $4.99 a month for Peacock Premium, and $9.99 for Peacock Premium Plus.

Peacock Premium Plus will stream without ads while Peacock Premium will have ads on it.

So what is replacing "Days of Our Lives?" A new hour-long news program called "NBC News Daily," will air during the hour that "Days" currently occupies and will also be streaming on Peacock and NBC's 24-hour streaming news channel, NBC News Now.


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