So apparently TikTok is obsessed with what is being called a 'new health trend.' I don't think I will be jumping on the bandwagon with this one however mainly because I like to sleep in peace. I like to be able to breath freely and with this new TikTok trend, that won't necessarily be the case. Read on and I will explain...

'Mouth taping' is a new TikTok trend. If you are scratching your head wondering what in the heck this may be, don't put too much thought into it. It is exactly as it sounds.


People are literally putting tape over their mouths before bedtime so they are forced to breathe through their nose all night. With claims that it is 'healthier,' people swear that there are health benefits.

So what do experts have to say? It is not recommended, nor do experts suggest doing it, BUT according to some experts,

Nose breathing does have some health benefits.  Mainly, it also produces more nitric oxide, which widens your blood vessels and helps circulate oxygen through your body.

This new TikTok trend is supposed to be good for those with sleep apnea and also people who snore at night. According to, 

Researchers have not yet examined if or how mouth taping impacts snoring in people who do not have obstructive sleep apnea. As a result, more research is needed to say with certainty whether mouth taping can effectively treat snoring due to other causes.

It doesn't seem as if the proper amount of research has been done to determine whether or not this new trend of mouth taping has any positive effects, try it at your own discretion.

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