YouTuber, conservative comedian and self-proclaimed child predator catcher @Black_biden83 allegedly identified a Disneyland Cast Member as a child predator in a recent YouTube video.

In his YouTube video titled "Predator catch #20," @Black_biden83 alleges a supposed Disneyland Cast Member named "Greg" communicated with him and invited him to both Disneyland and his home while @Black_biden83 posed as a minor to bait "Greg" online.

In the 17-minute long video, the YouTuber presents his evidence, including a conversation with Disneyland security and a confrontation with "Greg." The clip is part of his "Predator Catch" series.

"This employee of Disneyland decided that it was a good idea to sexually chat with a minor all while he was at work. Even some times while he was at home lonely with his roommate and doggies. He also thought it was OK to send NUDES to the minor all while being at work around thousands of other kids. BLOW THIS VIDEO UP AND GET HIM REMOVED," the video's description reads.

In a comment posted under the video, @Black_biden83 claims that Orange County police department in Anaheim, Calif., is "taking this serious and has actually called me numerous times today for more and more evidence."

"I am pretty sure this guy may no longer be employed there, I will keep everyone updated," the YouTuber adds.

Watch the full video, below:

The YouTube personality reportedly posed as a 16-year-old named "Anthony," who "Greg" allegedly attempted to lure through an internet dating app.

User @Black_biden83's video cites alleged screenshots of text conversations between him and "Greg" as evidence. One screenshot reveals that whoever was chatting with "Anthony" was aware he was only 16.

At one point in the video, @Black_biden83 seemingly brings his allegations to a Disneyland security staff member, who tells him, "We're gonna do a proper investigation about what's going on. This is about as far as I can go with this at this point."

In another part of the video, the YouTuber confronts "Greg," who appears to be wearing a Disneyland Cast Member uniform, at his home.

The confrontation goes on for eight minutes before the YouTuber calls the police and shows the screenshots he provided the authorities with.

The status of the alleged investigation is currently unclear.

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