A woman claims her boss put up a sign informing women employees they are only allowed to urinate in the office toilets so as not to "create a smell."

On Reddit, the woman shared a photo of the sign her workplace posted by the restrooms banning women at the office from pooping in the toilets.

"My [workplace] doesn't allow you to use a toilet as a toilet," her post reads, alongside a photo of the outrageous sign.

The sign reads:

"Ladies...This toilet is to be used for PEEING only. If you need to create a smell please use the Plaza toilets upstairs or the toilet across the road at Rydges!


Please have respect for your fellow workers."

See for yourself below:


"Bruh are you serious????" the employee captioned the photo.

In the comments section, OP [original poster] revealed she initially thought the sign was a "joke."

"I thought it was a joke… until they had sent out a very passive-aggressive email to everyone in the workplace about it," the woman wrote via Reddit. "This is so annoying! I've never had a workplace tell you that a toilet can't be used AS A TOILET! It's absolutely absurd! [A]nd all the women complain about it in such a childish way… it's always the same old, 'Whoever s--t in the toilet is so rude,' 'Did they not read the sign?!,' 'We have rules for a reason,' and stupid s--t like that."

In the comments, Reddit users were outraged by the workplace allegedly banning workers from defecating while at the office, slamming the sign as "ridiculous."

"Rip it off, what a sign," one person wrote.

"'Please have respect for your fellow co-workers' is so a--backward… I would make a public mockery of this sign. It's entirely ridiculous," another commented.

"3 times per shift I would loudly announce I NEED TO MAKE A SMELL and go wander off somewhere," someone else joked, while another user simply shared the old adage: "Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that's why I [poop]... on company time."

It's unclear if the men's restroom at the woman's office received a similar sign banning male employees from pooping in the toilets.

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