80's Heartthrob Don Johnson turns 65 Today!

When you think back to the 80s, the TV show you probably envision is 'Miami Vice' and the man who 'made' the show, Don Johnson who turns 65 today!

'Miami Vice' was the watermark for television in the 80s. Its creators wanted the TV show to be 'MTV with cops'. And the first two seasons came off pretty well with critics loving it, but after 2 seasons some of the main writers departed, leaving the show in the twilight zone of mediocrity. It almost got back on its feet between Season 4 and 5, but it never reclaimed its former punch.

A few years ago, the creator of ‘Miami Vice’, Michael Mann tried a reboot with the movie starring Colin Farrell as Crockett and Jamie Foxx's tubs. But without the 'Don Johnson effect’, the show just didn't have what it needed to become a success.

See a list of actors who had their careers launched by Miami Vice.

Don went on to do 'Nash Bridges’, 'Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man', nail Melanie Griffith and have a small part in 'Django Unchained’, where he was named 'Spencer (Big Daddy) Bennett. Thanks for the shout out Don.

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What was your favorite Don Johnson movie or TV show?